"I am a commitment breeder of the Finnish Kennel Club and the Finnish Dobermann Club. My breeding activity is small-sized home breeding and every litter is very carefully planned.

The main purpose of my breeding is to breed a healthy and powerfulldobermann with high drives, strong carachter and high motivation in work. Dobermann is a dog, which must be able to get through in working competions and tests as well as in normal life and it´s requirements.

Dobermann should also look like a dobermann.

I prefer low inbreeding level in my breeding activity.

All the puppies grow up in home environvent, where they get used to sounds of normal  life. I sell puppies only as family members and companions to active people, who wants to work with the dog and be a lifetime friend for it.  I sell puppies only in the European countries.

Every puppy is examined by veterinary as well as dewormed and microchipped."